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Happy New Year, new MPVD-Episode and other stuff 2017

Hey guys, Happy new ….ehm, Chinese happy new year!! ;)

  • Yeah, again I didn´t make it to write something in the first week of new year.. And like always when a new year comes I´m so busy with starting new projects and looking back what was going on in the last year that I´m just all over the place..
  • BUT: After the first month in 2017 I have many things to tell you…and this time these things are not just only plans what I want to do, but actually already started…which is also a good excuse why I´m so late with my new year´s post. :P
  1.  I already posted the latest episode of my Music Production Video Diary series! This time it´s about Drum Programming – a really new chapter and a big, big challenge for me!! Check out EPISODE 5  and see if you like the result… and leave a comment or advice!! ;)
  2. My boyfriend Guido and I, we started to built a studio room in my parent´s old house! :D The room where we are building the studio room is kind of isolated from the rest of the house and the neighbourhood so there is no problem to make noise :P … and it has a big loft bed. So we decided to use the frame of the loft as a frame for the studio room. It´s meant to record electric guitar, bass and vocals. I don´t know if it´s also usable for classical recordings because the ceiling height is about 3,5 meters and there is lot of wood in the room. I´ll have to check that…
  3. We came up with the idea to built a studio recording room when we recorded some demos for Guidos wave punk band “The Dial Ups” where I also play the keys now :D Somehow I ended up as a “music production assistant” in this project because mainly we used my equipment to record everything but the drums.

dialups 4The drums were recorded in our rehearsal room where our friend Frank has a drum kit with already installed drum microphones with audio interface. (Thanks you Frank!! <3)

  • dialups 5This demo production helped me A LOT to learn about recording, mixing and mastering a band… it was really “learning by doing”. It´s another thing if you´re reading a book about a topic or sitting at home and just imagining how to do stuff – or really going out and try to record, do mistakes and redo it. It´s another level of learning! But because of this project I also read manybooks about mixing and mastering and watched a bunch of tutorials.

So, as you see, it´s been a very productive first month…  I´ve already dived into this year and there are more challenging things to come! So stay tuned!! :D