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Why music is like food by all means…and why I start a video diary 

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Hey guys,

the last 6 months were quite busy with playing classical guitar, bass guitar here and there and teaching at school.

And finally I have all the equipment and stuff for writing and producing my music at home…well, actually I had the basic stuff at home all the time, like the notation program, the DAW, audio interface etc. But now I´m reaching the point where I´m kind of getting to know this tools better than before. And like I said months ago, I actually know what music I want to write and play…which is the most important thing in the first place.

For many people that question seems to be quite obvious and the answer comes naturally with the music you get to play with others or the music you listen to. But for me it was quite hard and difficult to decide or choose because…I listen to (and also love) too many different kinds of music. For me music is like food… I want to try them all, taste them all…and I don´t want to eat the same food every day. ;)

So if writing and producing music is like cooking your own food then you not only choose your tools to work with but you also have to choose the ingredients that you want to start with and that will make your first “meal” to serve the audience.. (Oh, I really like that music-food-analogy :D )

But in the same time you can overdo it and think about it too much. It makes you hesitate and wait and what so ever … and at the end of a certain period of time you end up with no result…or no food. ;)

In my case, in the last 2 years I was busy with tasting, learning and playing different music styles, I didn´t know which one to favor or which one is “mine”. At the end it´s a mix of all I guess. But now it´s important to start cooking…even if I don´t like the result or how it tastes at the end… and without being afraid of mistakes. That´s the only way to really improve, right?

So I decided to begin a music production video diary. Something like a “practice log”.  If I challenge myself to make a video every month, showing what I try to realize, what problems come up and how I somehow solve them, I have to go forward, no matter the consequences. Then I (and you) can hopefully see the progress I´m making while I work on a certain piece/production. I think the results in this video diaries can vary a lot. Which makes this challenge/project even more thrilling. :D

And I also hope that the people who watch it and who have better ideas or are more experienced and skilled, can maybe help me by giving me some advice or comments.

Overall, the video diary will be about how I record and produce my own piece that I notated. Sounds simple… I will also tell you how I think it should sound and what kind of piece I imagined.. and then we´ll see what will come out in the end ;)

If you want to see and hear the result of this journey, stay tuned!!