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Asian Progressive Post Rock

"MINOH's mission is to enlighten through the beauty of melancholy by bringing together our musical past and present."

MINOH is a duo project officially formed in 2019 with Jamin Oh on guitar/vocals and Frank Strozyk on drums. MINOH's music can be described as Asian post-rock with progressive guitar riffs, combined with vibrant synth sounds and pulsating drums. Unique female vocals on top of every song are sometimes polyphone and defined, but other times can be distorted and loud.

Even though MINOH is in its early stages, Jamin and Frank have known each other since the 5th grade. The duo played together in their very first metal-hardcore band, The Bierfront, and were very active in the local punk scene. 20 years later, the Korean classical guitarist and the German geology professor met again and started to write songs as a side project that later became MINOH.

Writing songs together after 20 years can be challenging. The duo felt as if they went back to the past and the beginning of their musical journey. They took the challenge to continue that spirit all the way throughout years of different life and music experiences. Their music is written to describe who they were and who they are now. Essentially, MINOH decided to go back to their roots and let a new tree blossom from their shared history.

That´s why the music in MINOH has very diverse facets and seems to float between different genres, but always with a stable rock and metal sound. Their debut EP will be released in October of 2020.

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german review of "The Witness" 

"Fazit 10 von 10: Eine absolut perfekte, ausgewogene Prog Nummer, Heavy und komplex, sowie soundtechnisch eindwandfrei umgesetzt. Minoh verstehen es dem Song Seele zu geben und beweisen, dass hier studierte Könner am Werk waren!"

Review on the "The Witness" by 

"(...)The song will give the audience a perfect sense of their creative and stylistic direction, leaning towards Asian Progressive Post Rock. This approach to music is open-minded and incredibly diverse, allowing the musicians to freely experiment with different settings, tempos, textures, and sounds. In fact, what I really love about “The Witness” is definitely the fact that it doesn’t really go by the usual cliches and genre boundaries that many artists follow.(...)"

"(...) Ultimately, “The Witness” is clearly a labor of love, and it is easy to see how much passion and authenticity went into the making of this brand new studio effort.(...)"