Jamin Oh

“Sometimes it is hard to find your style when you play and love different kinds of music.”

For Jamin Oh, a classical guitarist by training is branching out to explore the many rewarding possibilities of music, and the guitar has to offer. Currently fronting her project, Jamin & the O’s, Jamin uses her education in classical method and her performance experience to create an “Asian- Female fronted Progressive Indie-Rock Music.” Presently, Jamin’s music is a reflection of her rebellious character, due to her intercultural-migration background. Jamin believes every possible human emotion is worth being expressed musically.

“I want to relate as a music-making person. I seek to find me and my style/sound, write good songs and share it with the listener.”

Her first EP is a starting point in the realm of indie rock, a statement to the people who only know Jamin as a classical player. The EP displays her growing aversion towards intentionally technical and stylistically difficult music, which often replaces musical depth by showing off with virtuosity on the instrument. This humble, mature approach to her music defines her character as professional and fueled by wisdom gained through years of classical performance.

Single, Bad Boy features Jamin grounding herself musically, with an aggressive tribute to the punk genre which is a new source of inspiration. Simple, melodic and to the point riffs accompanied by a tasty walking bass groove in which to explore her straightforward, from-the-heart themes, Jamin is embracing the indie rock feel. Mellow is an instrumental song showcasing fingerstyle guitar melodies backed with a four-four rock groove making a musical metaphor of the life as a touring musician.

Jamin Oh refuses cultural and individual boundaries, deadlocked opinions and force of attitudes. Her high tolerance and acceptance in music is the foundation of her personality and belief in personal freedom of expression is the key to societal peace.

Jamin & the O’s features a long-time friend, drummer Frank Strozyk, whom Jamin first jammed with in the 8th grade. On bass, Guido Kloppisch is the inspiration behind this project and has encouraged Jamin at every point in the transition to the indie world. Deri Tunruang, on lead guitar also a childhood friend, brings out the range of possibilities with every harmony accompaniment.